Saturday, May 5, 2007

Made it... Alive and Healthy!

I made it! I graduated through college alive and healthy. It wasn’t easy, but to say that I did it means more than anything to me. Academically I don’t see much to it, but to look through the obstacles I overcame makes me stand in awh at my heavenly father and wonder how people face their giants without HIM standing right besides them. Walking down the isle during graduation this morning I couldn’t stop thanking God for allowing me to see that moment, which a year ago I never thought I would be able to experience. I continue to pray that my life will never again be taken for granite like it once was. Now I’m on to face the world of wherever HE will take me… whether it’s here at CBU or else where and then on to nursing. Yay for more schooling! Haha. New events and rekindled relationships are unfolding in my life, which is exciting and scary at the same time. A heart that has finally been restored is hesitant to be brought back out. I guess it’s one day at a time and I know God will lead us both as we seek HIM first in all we do.

I pray the Lord will lead me into paths that will bring HIM the most glory and will further HIS kingdom.


RobinDayle said...

I KNEW it.

You better call me and fill me's a good thing I stalk you and know your every movement, otherwise you would never tell me.

:-) I'm praying for a protected heart...

janelle said...

i love you hooch! i am so glad you made it out alive and healthy. that was the answer to so many prayers. after all the crazy tough stuff of junior year (and well, every year), we made it. i am so inspired and encouraged by your perseverance and trust in the Lord. He is always faithful, and watching you be reminded of that helped remind me as well. so thank you. love you girl! date soon? yes!