Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God's Gift

I look at this past year and see it as a growing period. A growing period for the both of us. I've learned so much about myself and have learned so much about God through these hard times. It's not til we get out of the storm that we truely see God's hand over our life and so is the case here. As I still work through things, I have re-learning who I am away from the illness and have become more dependant on God and less on myself and others. I see the same in your life. You have grown and allowed God to use you in ways that amaze me. Seeing God use you this past year from afar in directing young men towards HIM is just one of the many characteristics I admire about you. It's funny how God works things out in the end. I'm filled with excitement and joy at the wonderful gift God has blessed me with. God truely desires to see His people happy. And while I struggle with the fact of just being content and joyful in our heavenly father, I see the joy that you bring out of me or should I say the joy that God has brought out of me through you.

I'm excited to see where God takes us this next year together. Although miles apart, I know that with our eyes focused on HIM, our journey together will be that much closer. So while I sit here and try not to think about the future of physical seperation, I will embrace the times we have together of laughter and our lunch walks :)

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Becks said...

Oh no! Just as we finally get him to no longer post anonymous emo blogs, you just wrote a cryptic one! Haha... just givin ya a hard time, i'm super excited for you guys too!