Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry for such the delay in my blog. I’ve had so much to write about yet so little time or energy to do it. So, I’m going to try and write more often . . . but don’t hold me to it.

People always ask me what I am doing now that I have graduated and I say, “I’m back living in the dorms.” Not the typical answer, I know. But I absolutely love it. This year I will be a grad assistant for Katrina in Simmons Hall. I’m really excited, even though nursing school was on my top list of things to do next. I can see now why God allowed me to get such a late acceptance into Western.
So I moved in about a month ago and still working on settling in and calling this home for the next 10 months. Once I finish up decorating and painting I will post pictures for everyone.
RA training is now in full swing. It’s nice to be in the background of training and helping out, rather than sitting through it all. We have a great staff or R.D.’s and G.A.’s this year and the Simmons Hall RAs are amazing. It’s been crazy busy, running around trying to get everything ready, but I look forward to September where consistency will kick into my schedule and I can hangout more with the girls and get to know them more. It’s going to be a great year here in Simmons!

James left about a little over a month ago for Arizona. I’m not very good at good-byes and this one was definitely harder than the norm. With his life packed in a truck, I cried as he drove off. Even worse was watching Sarah Paulus crying as he said Good-bye.
Selfishly I want him here with me, but on the other hand, I know that God is going to be using him in great ways at GCU. He has so much to offer and GCU is blessed to have him.
As a little going away present, I got him a web cam. He doesn’t know this, but I really got it for myself ☺
It’s amazing how advanced technology has come. Every time we login I stand in awe at how we can see each other through a computer screen and hear each others voices while states apart… well, one state to be exact. We have our little web cam dates every night, which is the one thing I look forward to everyday. With RA training underway, we won’t get to see each other till September, but September is right around the corner!

All in all, life is good and God continues to bless me with more than I could have asked for!