Thursday, May 17, 2007


Im sitting here in the bookstore bored and thought that I would blog. Last night I got to spend the night at Kins house which for most people that know me, they would know that I hate spending the night at other people's home. We were exhausted and went to straight to bed once we got to her house, but laying in bed, reflecting on my friendship with her, I appreciate her in so many ways. She has become a great friend these past few years. Her life is a reflection of Christ's and challenges me spiritually in so many different levels. I enjoy the deep conversations that leaves me questioning things and making me think, which is something I have missed for so long. I've become tired of the shallow and meaningless conversations that I can never find here at CBU. Friendships even fall into this category at times. But never the less Kins always comes through to challenge me on some area of my life, whether she realizes it or not. I love our story times, soaking up the sun, beach trips, and of course our one time Yogurtland excursion... LoL.

I look forward to this next year, Lord willing we work together, of growing closer and sharing life together.


RobinDayle said...

I love you Hooch.

Laura Bugz said...

hi. I'm curious and almost pleasantly surprised to hear of our reflections of freindships at CBU. i don't like dinging schools or institutions. Its not the building that should be shamed. But individuals who create a consistent reputation of shallowness. question though. Do you think, ruth, that we are more BUSY than we are shallow. And people are just so consumed with these arbitrary jobs and responsibilities, that the sit-still-for-a-while value has totally been disregarded? I don't know. that was my case. i almost got SCARED of picking up new freindships at cbu cuz i didn't know if i could or WOULD go deep with them. is that good or bad? seriously. i suppose then we should truly ask the question more genuinely: "How then shall we live?"