Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My last spring break consisted of a mixture between work and relaxation. RA duty started Friday and went through the weekend. Caught a couple people past hours in the apartments.
I know… CBU gone wild : )
I think my highlight was when I caught a girl past hours and the guy came to the door and started shaking uncontrollably. It was hilarious, but I think you had to be there.
Monday thru Wednesday I worked in the bookstore. ALL DAY. Who does that on spring break? I guess it was ok since I got to work with Zack and Brad. They make working pretty fun.
Wednesday I took off for San Diego where I got to hangout with a high school friend of mine. I just love hanging out with old friends that know me inside and out. Not that I don’t have any here, but it’s just different when you have shared so many memories together. She took me around San Diego and we got to see Sea Lions (one of my favorites) and of course the sunset was amazing as it fell into the water!

Thursday I drove home for gymnastics but ended up getting sick : (
Friday was fun at the beach, lying out under sun soaking up as much sun as I could. Merrille's parents have a sweet condo out in Newport so I met up with some CBU people and we chilled that night at the condo and roasted marshmellows by the electrical fire pit.

Saturday we cheer practice all day! 10am-4pm. It was much needed since we leave for nationals on Tuesday and we just finished learning the routine. I really do love Cheer, I just hate it when I go into a competition feeling unprepared and bodies flying into my face doesn't help too much either! As much as I have said I regret doing it... deep down inside I don't.

I ended Spring break by going out with Ash, Pacs, Alana, and Sarai to Saddleback Ranch Chop House in L.A. There was a mechanical bull that Ash almost rode. I tried to get her to do it... so did the guy working it :) The atmosphere kind of reminded me of a Coyote Ugly... not like I've been there but just from watching the movie.

All in all it was a pretty eventful spring break. Weird to think that it will be the last one... well with all of us together atleast

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