Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coopers Wedding

This past weekend James, Jenni, Robin, Ash and I loaded up in a rental car and headed up north to stockton for Coopers wedding... or should I say "Lulla's" wedding. Although it was quiet a long ways to spend in a car, it was fun with the group that I traveled with. It was nice to finally see James. He came around midnight the night before from AZ and the girls are always fun!
Here are some pics I took from the wedding. For some reason Ash was MIA when taking them.

James and I waiting for Cooper and Raj to arrive at the reception

I love these girls so much!

Laura and the girls having fun at the reception

Emily and Sarah are the flower girls for our wedding. I can't wait to see how cute they are going to be in their little dresses!

Toni was so kind to allow our car to crash at her house in Stockton. Her mom made pancakes the next morning. She has a great family.

Nothing beats wedding cake!!!!!


Jenni said...

It was so fun and I'm so thankful for you guys and Toni for letting us crash the party:) I love the pics of your apt too. I can't wait until I get to come visit.

Nina said...

Aww...weddings are so fun and nice. Your pics came out so nice and clear. Always fun to have lots of friends to celebrate wonderful & happy occasions with.

Nina :)