Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 days to go

OMG, Im getting married in three days. This week has been all but fun and games. James and I met up with his family at disneyland yesterday. We had so much fun with his niece, Moneek. She is one of three flowergirls in the wedding. Just watching her face light up from seeing all the princesses and Arial saying her name made it worth the trip. James did so well with her that I just couldn't help but think of how great a father he is going to make one day... ONE DAY, not now! No honeymoon babies for us! Praise God for birth-control :)
Today was a packing day. Laura Paulus, my Matron of Honor came all the way out to have The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf this morning before packing. We are addicted to their Pomegranate Blueberry Tea Lattes!
I took another break to hangout with Lacey during her lunch break. I didn't think packing would take so long, but by 11pm I am officially packing and ready to start my new life with James in AZ.
My family and I had our "last supper" together. Chillies and Golden Spoon... what more could I ask for?
Everything is changing, and through much prayer and meditation on the Lord I can joyfully say that I am excited and looking forward to the move. Yes, I will miss you all very much but it will just make the visits that much more enjoyable when I come out.

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