Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our New Home

So, I finally downloaded all my pictures from... well, February, and I found pictures that I took of the new apartment James and I will be living in once we get married in Arizona. They school has been so gracious to us that they have renovated almost the entire apartment and put in new cabinets, carpet, and countertops. I think a new fridge too.
Here are some pics of the place I will call "home"

The entrance to our home

The living room. Luckily James collected furniture and what not this past year that will soon go in there

Here is a view of the living room from the entrance. It connects to the kitchen

Our lovely kitchen where I will be microwaving chicken fingers and corn dogs for my amazing husband-to-be

My favorite part: James and I both get our own bathrooms and each one comes with two sinks and a walk-in closet! A girls dream

Here is the guest bedroom. Grand Canyon University took out the desks for us to make the rooms a little bigger. It will be nice thought to have this spare room for all you California people to come visit and for a study room since I will be in nursing school at GCU


janelle said...

i'll be staying in that guest room soon enough! holla!

North Rim said...

too bad these pics are before the apartment got re-done! it looks way better now with new carpet and cabinets... the works!

North Rim said...

by the way... its me... james : P i couldnt remember my password so i used the apartment blow we use at school.

living in the knolls... said...

How exciting... I know James eats bologne, and ribs too!! And so don't forget the Ranch and Mtn Dew. I have heard some funny stories about eating with James. Bear still talks about the rack of ribs he ate from Claim Jumper!! We can't wait to see you guys getting married. We are so excited for you both!!

Ruby Leigh said...

This reminds me a bit of my last apartment, except for you will really appreciate the fact that you have an open door for when you have guests over