Saturday, February 2, 2008

It was all worth the wait

Growing up I was always the “go-to” friend. You know, the girl that all the guys made friends with to get info on her best friend, the one whose friend never went a day without a boyfriend yet I couldn’t get one for the life of me.

It definitely played a toll on my Jr. high school through college years yet I stayed strong and never settled for less. With 22 years of never being pursued, I never dreamed about getting married.

For all the heartache of never thinking I would find “the one,” for all the frustration of being the “go-to” girl, for all the times of sitting in my room during a winter formal or prom dreaming of what it would be like, for all the hopeless nights of sulking alone in Romanic movies … I find it all worth the wait to finally be in the arms of my one and only love, James David Rogers.

I would have never thought that 23 years down the road I would be announcing that I will soon be Mrs. Ruth Rogers!


Melissa said...

Ruth Rogers? I've never thought about that. Hmmm. Double R. Kinda like Roy Rogers. Well, Happy Trails to you, my dear.

Becks said...

That's the blog I've been waiting for! Totally reminds me of my favorite Rascal Flatts song, "The Day Before You"

Becks said...
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