Sunday, March 16, 2008

They are just shoes

With Christ comes sacrifice.
There are going to be numerous times in our lives where God is going to ask us to sacrifice something for the sake of HIS glory. Today in church we reflected on the story of Abraham and Isaac.

I stand in awe at Abraham and how God called him to sacrifice his son Isaac and without question he got up the next day and built an alter before the Lord. I only pray that I would have as much faith and obedience as Abraham did.

Here we were at the end of the sermon and I’m questioning if I would truly give up everything I have in sacrifice to the Lord and the pastor asks us to start with one sacrifice, our shoes.

What do you mean, my shoes? I love these shoes!
And as the music played, a lady behind me whispered to her husband, “They are just shoes!”

It’s so true. They are just shoes. As human beings we grasp so tightly to the things of this world that mean nothing in eternity. It was so hard for me to leave behind my favorite pair of shoes… I just wonder what else am I holding onto?

So, there I was driving home barefoot, blessing the feet of an African girl that probably has never even own her own pair.

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