Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let the Year Begin!

It’s so weird standing on the opposite side of the fence this year when it comes to school. For the past four years I have been the student, looking up to the staff for guidance. Now I am the staff and these freshmen are probably looking at me the same way that I look at Leslie Whitehead my freshmen year. She was so much fun and a great leader. I looked up to her so much! This new position that I hold is exciting and scary at the same time. I know that God wouldn’t have put me in this position if I was not qualified for it, but I just need to keep reminding myself this. I just pray that I will be an example to these girls of a woman after God’s heart through living life with them.

Well, orientation has begun and all the freshmen have moved in. I am now at the point where I do not have to run around all day getting things done or events ready. Therefore I have more time to hangout with my RAs and the freshmen girls on their halls.
The Simmons Hall RAs this year are seriously the best group of girls I could have ever hoped for. Each year I think that my staff couldn’t get better and this year has topped it off. I’m also really excited to be working under Katrina. She has so much to offer when it comes to leadership skills. This year I really want to use her in developing me into a better leader.

I look forward to this next year and the relationships that will grow deeper in my staff.
The late night runs to In-N-Out and 7/11 slurpees have already begun. And of course one can’t forget American #2! I love the fact that I graduated last year and I get to start all over again and relive my freshmen year in the dorms.


Laura Bugz said...

hey girl :) its great to hear of how God is opening new doors and new experiences for you. i'm excited to see how the relationships continue to develop. :)

Ashley Williams said...

just wanted to let you know i read your blog and that im so glad that you didnt leave, but that i get to see you every now and then.